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Spring/Summer Timeless Collection

Spring/Summer Timeless Collection

Discover Silence Please

Silence Please
Silence Please
Silence Please
Silence Please

Federica Fiorentini & Ludovica Del Prete

About us

Silence Please embodies the lifestyle and beliefs of the founders, Ludovica Del Prete and Federica Fiorentini—two friends and designers from Rome.
Silence Please is a unique brand of pajamas for its quality materials and the entirely tailored in Italy manufacturing. The brand has an innovative way of combining comfy and chic looks that can be worn comfortably at home or for a night out.

Federica Fiorentini and Ludovica Del Prete

Unique Pj Sets

Made in Italy

Silence Please is a collection of unique and timeless pajamas.
Our outfits are tailor-made by local factories that follow traditional Italian know-hows. Our clothing is made of prestigious fabrics, and our designs are inspired by iconic styles that combine an original touch to be up to date with the latest trends. Each piece from the Silence Please collection is characterized by eccentric and exclusive details with fun prints that have a distinctive choice of colors and patterns.

Silence Please Collection


Unique Pj sets

Silence Please believes in fashion that is environmentally sustainable. We value quality over quantity, with few pieces made with leftover fabrics.

Unique sustainable models
Unique sustainable models

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